My name is Tim Jones.  I am currently working at Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco, CA as a Lead Environment Artist.  Before that I was a CG Supervisor at Pixomondo, Digital Domain and Blur Studio in Los Angeles, CA since 2003. I graduated in May 2002 with a BS degree in Architecture and a BFA in Illustration. I have a strong background in traditional art. I began taking art lessons at the age of 7. In 1998 I started teaching myself 3d. My father showed me how to extrude, lathe and change the UCS in AutoCAD and I was on my way. I created my first rendering with my dads copy of Raydream. A friend at school soon after introduced me to Truespace 2 which I fell in love with. I became obsessed with 3d and spent nearly every free moment teaching myself how to create anything and everything I could. I quickly outgrew Truespace 2 and its limited features. That same friend introduced me to 3d Studio Max 2.5 and I have never looked back.



3ds Max, Maya, Clarisse, Unreal Engine, Mari, Zbrush, UVlayout, Nuke, Digital Fusion

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Industrial Light & Magic

The Mandalorian >> TV Series

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run >> Theme Park Ride

Black Panther >> Feature Film

Star Wars: The Last Jedi >> Feature Film

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story >> Feature Film


Nanchang Fly: Porcelain Dream >> Theme Park Ride

Furious 7 >> Feature Film

Zhongkui: Snow Girl and The Dark Crystal: >> Feature Film

Space >> Theme Park Ride

Digital Domain

NBA2K14 Game >> Commercial

Liberty Mutual >> Commercial

Enders Game >> Feature Film

Lord of the Rings >> Game Trailers

Quaker Motor Oil >> Commercial

Murdered: Soul Suspect >> Game Trailer

Medal of Honor: Warfighter >> Game Cinematics

Cisco >> Television Commercial

The Darkness 2 >> Game Trailer

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron >> Game Trailer

Call of Duty: Vet & Noob >> Television Commercial

Delica >> Television Commercial

Nrider >> Commercial

Brothers In Arms >> Game Trailer

BMW Refuel >> Television Commercial

Autotrader >> Television Commercial

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim >> Game Trailer

Snow White and the Huntsman >> Feature Film Pitch

Killzone 3 >> Game Cinematic

Tron: Legacy >> Feature Film

Miley Cyrus "Tamed" >> Music Video

Smoke >> Television Commercial

Disney Jungle >> Television Commercial

Verizon Blackberry Storm 2 >> Television Commercial

Audi Rubix >> Television Commercial

Fight Club >> Blue-Ray DVD menu

LG Transformers 2 >> Television Commercial

HSBC piggy >> Television Commercial

Sobe >> Television Commercial

LG Rave >> Television Commercial

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button >> Feature Film

Honda Defense Mechanism >> Television Commercial

Honda Mecha Mesquito >> Television Commercial

Blur Studio

Hawx >> Television Commercial

Section 8 >> Cinematic Trailer

Halo >> Game Cinematics

Niagara >> Documentary Ride Film

Eureka >> Television Commercial

Frontlines >> Cinematic Trailer

Conan >> Cinematic Trailer

Hellgate: London >> Outro Cinematic

SpiderMan SU >> Cinematic Trailer

Coca Cola >> Commercial

Bioshock >> Cinematic Trailer

SpiderMan Assult >> Toy Commercial

Hellgate: London >> Game Cinematic

Titan Quest >> Game Cinematic Trailer

The Protector >> Game Developement Cinematic

Ghost Recon 3 >> Commercial for Game

Rocky 6 >> Cinematic fight simulation for Film

X-Men Legends 2 >> Commercial for Game

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction >> Commercial for Game

Fantastic Four: Gridlock >> Commercial for Toy

Fantastic Four: Empire State >> Commercial for Toy

Fantastic Four >> Commercial for Game

Hellgate London >> E3 Cinematic

Core-X >> Game Developement Cinematic

Time Riders >> Theme Park Ride

In the Rough >> Short Film

Call of Duty: Finest Hour >> Commercial for Game

Warhammer 40K >> Intro Cinematic

Fight Club >> Game Cinematic

Aliens of the Deep >> Imax Film

Mickey's Twice Upon a Chirstmas >> Film