For this project I was the CG Supervisor. I modeled the fuel boom and boom station of the airplane. I also animated the plane in a handful of shots. When the shadow goes over the car we transition to an all CG car.


I modeled a couple of characters and did the shaders/lookdev for them. I also lit the shots.


For this project I was the sequence VFX Supervisor. I also did modeling, lighting and lookdev for several shots including this one.


This project won a VES award for best visual effects in a commercial. I created the environment model, textures and set up the master lighting rig for all shots.


For this "Shadow of Mordor" cinematic I was CG Supervisor and I did lots of environment modeling, lookdev and setup the master lighting rig for many shots in the show.


This was a personal project I did for fun. I created everything you see.


For this Nicorette shark commercial I was the CG Supervisor. I also created the sharks shader and set up the lighting rig. I also did some minor particle fx for the drops of water coming off the sharks body.


For the fall of cybertron cinematic I did some character modeling for Optimus Prime and did a lot of the shader work on Megaton. I also built a handful of the environments. I set up the lighting rig and lit a number of shots as well.


For Medal of Honor I was the CG supervisor. We did about 11 minutes worth of pre-rendered cut scenes for the game. I also modeled/lookdev'd several environments and lit 50+ shots.


For Miley Cyrus's "Tamed" music video I was the CG supervisor. I also modeled, textured and lit the wings in all shots.


For the Elder Scrolls Skyrim announcement trailer I was brought on to help deliver the project. When I came on I was asked to re-texture the wall and dragon which would be used in all shots. I also set up the lighting rig for many shots and took them to final.


Again I was brought on near the end of the project to help get it delivered on time. I was responsible for setting up the master environment and character light rigs which were used for all shots. I also took a number of shots to final.